Sunday, June 27, 2010

Its Gonna Be a Crazy Summer!!!

This summer has alot to offer if you are following the A41 movement. The Rise2Power Mixtape is due September 2010. The annual A41 Cookout is Saturday July 24th. This year's theme is Slip n' Slide so just use your imagination to figure out whats in store. Saturday August 14th party with All4One at "Color Me Badd" located at the Times Square Arts Center. This upscale event is a guarenteed sell-off, hosted by New York City's favorite promotional group Popular Demand. Stay Tuned for more info...

P.S. Check out these flics from a recent outing with All4One as we crashed a party in Queens. Shoutout to Cloud9Ent who hosted the event at "ShipWreck"


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  1. Great photo! everyone looks nice


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